IRA: International Rubber Association


Tea and rubber production records modest growth on year-on-year basis

During January-July of 2023, both tea and rubber production experienced only a modest growth on year-on-year basis, primarily due to the lingering effects of the fertiliser shortages that prevailed last year.

Japanese rubber futures rise

SINGAPORE: Japanese rubber futures rose on Friday underpinned by a weak yen and yuan, although stagnating Chinese and Japanese economies capped gains.

Rubber traders in crisis as harvest drops significantly

Colombo Rubber Traders’ Association (CRTA) stresses that the rubber harvest has significantly dropped as a result of the ‘leaf fall disease’ in rubber trees for several years.

China’s deflation could spill over into a global concern, economists say

China’s economic challenges have given rise to deflationary pressures that present a global concern and are likely to accelerate in the coming quarters, according to economists.

Ron Insana says economic windstorms are blowing around the world

In the summer of 1997, Thailand’s currency collapsed, rapidly followed by a currency crisis that spread throughout many countries in Asia.

Geopolitical risks are a top global threat to businesses, survey finds

Businesses see geopolitical tensions as the biggest threat to the global economy right now, according to the latest survey by Oxford Economics.




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